Pioneer DJ DJM-A9 New Mixer!

Pioneer DJ have been hard at work looking to raise the bar in the world of professional DJ mixers. This time things take a new face and name. Scheduled for release on the 28th of Feb 2023 the all new DJM-A9 is looking to shake things up once again with improved sound quality, playability, and connectivity, and overall control from what we have heard think of the 900NXS2 on steroids.

Big features that are looking to be a standout are the new built-in ESS Technology 32-bit A/D converter that delivers clear and natural audio. While thngs have had a facelift from the channel faders and MAGVEL FADER crossfader could a new design bring new creativity? We will soon enough as the mixer looks like its going to take the world by storm it may have just dropped by the time you are reading this. 

The DJM-A9 boasts 14 Beat FX, including three new ones, and an enhanced microphone section with phantom power supply and three mic effects. DJs can also connect mobile devices via Bluetooth/MD input, and the mixer’s dual USB ports allow for seamless transitions between DJs.

Compatibility wise the DJM-A9 will have access to both rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. Nice to see the combo again in a mixer especially for those looking for options when it comes to what platform to use. We will have a full break down of the mixers performance and a deep dive into its feel and looks right here at Synthetic Pro Audio & DJ.

We're expecting more great things from Pioneer DJ sleek design, with a black and silver colour scheme and illuminated control buttons. Boasting all the standard connections from XLR to RCA and possibly a few new options to make this mixer one step further a head of its competition.

We can bank on this if you are looking to upgrade or step in to the world of professional DJing the A9 will have the sound quality, improved playability, and advanced connectivity options you need to take over the scene. Remeber to check our full product page with video and product thoughts right here.

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