Rekordbox On Andriod. Its finally Here!

Could the wait finally be over? Your favourite DJ store explains it all!

Android users, we’ve finally got good news! It seems as though Pioneer DJ will finally have rekordbox’s mobile app that for the longest time has been purely on iOS, for Android. It’s been a long time coming with Apple users having almost two years of lead time with Rekordbox. Users on Android can now catch up on lost time as long as your device is running version 9.10.11 or 12 of Android.

Android users will be able to enjoy the full fruits of Rekordbox mobile. Giving you full access to your rekordbox library via your smartphone. Full functioning support for features like auto-sync using Dropbox* and manual sync feature via Wi-Fi that means your library stays up-to-date tracks and metadata such as playlists, cue points, and grid information. 

The application itself is almost a carbon copy of the iOS variant, giving you the feel of Rekordbox 6 on the go. While it's not the desktop version (sacrifices are always made) its design is great for the on the go DJ. 

It’s not all bells and whistles though, unlike the iOS version, the Android counterpart cannot connect to a CDJ or XDJ player for direct playback. Which is almost a breaking point for those who love the direct playback functionality that the iOS version supports.  A kick to the goolies for Android DJ’s who want to play music straight from their phones as a drive in itself.

While it is a likely update that will roll out in the future it seems as though Android is always a few steps behind iOS in most DJ applications. It’s nothing new really as we have always had issues with audio drivers and sound quality in the past, typically this is more of a hardware capability as Android runs on so many devices rather than Apples on hardware. 

Rekordbox on Android is finally here and it's almost perfect. Whether you're managing music, or you’re in preparation for performances. With all those features you need like Playlist Box, Quick Cue, Dual Control and EQ Kill Switch enable you to prepare tracks more efficiently and intuitively than ever before. It’s an easy workflow that will save the traveling DJ the headaches of opening and closing a laptop constantly to get things ready. In a world where our devices are glued to our hands this is just one more reason they will stick.



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