Tech Tip #1 | Scratch Tip #1 | The Chirp Scratch

Tech Tip #1 | Scratch Tip #1 | The Chirp Scratch

Community Hub - Tech Tip #1 | Scratch Tip #1 | The Chirp Scratch

It’s time for our Weekly Dj and Production Tip Presented by our In-House tutor - Chris Goss.

And today..... Chirp Scratch.

Using our Pioneer DJ Nexus set up look out for more tech tips from our team at Synthetic Pro Audio.
Also be sure to check out our entire range of Pioneer DJ products right here.

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Chris - July 13, 2018

Thanks guys. Feel free to pop into the store for a go and ask any questions.

Steve Cutz - July 13, 2018

Great advice & tutorial guys 👍. After purchasing several Pioneer items, I would highly recommend Synthetic 🔊🎧

giddy gav - July 12, 2018

thanks guys, looking forward to more of the same x

David Wilkinson - July 12, 2018

Great video guys, very helpful indeed. Big spin was another great idea to bring music and the community together for a top cause . Keep up the good work..

Charlie - July 12, 2018

Top vid. Learned loads from coming down the store. Respect

Le Dinh Han - July 12, 2018

Great video on scratching, looking forward to seeing more tips and tricks.

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