The release of the all new Opus Quad has gained a lot of attention, and today we will discuss the response our ads have received during Pioneer DJ's next-generation all-in-one DJ unit's opening week. The big question everyone is asking is whether the Opus Quad is the XDJ XZ 2. Below we will try to answer, but we emphasize that this is only a theory.
The XDJ XZ has been a phenomenon for Pioneer DJ and is, personally, the biggest product that we at Synthetic Pro Audio have ever worked with. However, the unit runs on the older chip and features the outdated screen from the previous CDJs. Keeping this in mind, and the worldwide component shortgae, we must consider the additional costs it would take to upgrade the current model to Pioneer DJ's new club standard booth.
This would probably mean that if they were to release the XZ-2, it would compete in the same price range as the Opus Quad. Looking at Pioneer DJ's history, it is not something they typically do – bring out competing products to clash with one another. With this in mind, will they ever release a new XZ, or will they stick with the trusted current XDJ XZ, which still seems to garner plenty of interest, something we can definitely vouch for?

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  • Richy Tom On

    Impressive – I’ll be in touch.

  • Lee On

    Looks like a great unit and does have improvements that XDJ XZ could benefit from .

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