Pioneer DJ Opus-Quad: 5 Keys Points

The OPUS-QUAD, released by, Pioneer DJ, is an exciting addition to the world of professional DJ equipment. With its all-in-one design and new features, it offers DJs greater control and flexibility in creating and playing music. The standalone 4-deck playback feature is particularly noteworthy, as it allows for more complex and layered performances without the need for additional equipment. Additionally, the combination of beautiful design and playability promises to provide a truly immersive and enjoyable DJ experience. Whether performing in a large venue or a smaller location, the OPUS-QUAD offers DJs the tools they need to inspire and captivate their audience. Overall, this new system is sure to be a hit with both professional and aspiring DJs alike. Below are 5 key points from the Synthetic Pro Audio team

 Fast & sharp Track Search

 The OPUS-QUAD introduces a completely fresh approach to DJ equipment that harmonizes design and playability. Find your tracks faster and more accurately and raise the level of elegance in musical direction and the space the music fills, it helps create a special experience for your audience.



 Optimized Deck Configuration / Inc New Smart Cue

 The OPUS QUAD offers standalone 4-deck playback for versatile DJ performances. This means you can play 4 tracks on 4 different decks simultaneously, cue up tracks in advance, or leave a deck free for dropping requests into your set at a moment’s notice – all with just one unit. You can also assign a different color to each deck, which is matched by the jog ring illumination, so you’ll always know which deck you’re playing with.


Pioneer DJ Next Generation Design

 With a matte black finish and earth-colored slits on the front and sides, the unit can enhance the aesthetics of any environment. The product is sloped at a 5-degree angle and the front edge is rounded, making it more comfortable to rest your hands on, and the dimples and textured finish on the outer and top parts of the jogs add to the aesthetics while giving you a perfect grip. The colors of the lights on the jog rings match the customizable colors you’ve assigned to the decks so you always know which is playing. All this combines to help you play comfortably, deliver your best performances, and inspire your audience.



Supported Multiple Media Sources

 Do you prefer playing from USB thumb drives or large SSD drives? Do you connect your PC/Mac that's running DJ software, wirelessly stream tracks from your smartphone using rekordbox*1, or use rekordbox CloudDirectPlay? With just one OPUS-QUAD, you can access various music libraries, and even pair a mobile device via Bluetooth®/MD wireless technology, making it effortless to drop a request into your set.
The unit offers a total of four USB inputs, including one USB Type-C port for connecting the latest devices, a PC/Mac, or occasionally a mobile device; one USB Type-A (3.2) port on the back panel for rapid communication with an SSD drive or a comparable device; and two standard USB Type-A ports on the top panel.



Opus Quad effects

 It sounds like the OPUS-QUAD is a powerful tool for DJs looking to enhance their performances. The evolved effects allow for easy manipulation of sound textures and tension, which can help to create excitement and energy in the crowd. The XY-Pad is a useful feature for controlling various parameters, including Beat FX and filter cut-off frequency, making it easy to blend effects with a single finger. The Smooth Echo feature is another valuable tool for DJs, allowing them to trigger an echo sound with a pre-assigned fader or knob. Additionally, each channel has Sound Color FX, which can be used to further customize and enhance the sound. Overall, the OPUS-QUAD appears to be a versatile and powerful tool for DJs looking to personalize their sound and create an unforgettable experience for their audience.

Reviews (6 comments)

  • Scott Fazackerley On

    Looms amazing really good

  • David King On

    Fantastic bit of kit like the retro look looks like it will go anywhere you need it to. Just far too pricey for me.

  • Bertie Bennett On

    Lookin good mate can’t wait to have a go, fuk all the lemmings sayin it looks…..? Wtf look’s have to do with it? yeah maybe much later. Let’s see how it handles first. I’m just glad it dont look same same🫡

  • Paul Doyle On

    Very good

  • Richy Tom On

    That kit looks top tidy team. Next gen providers at synthetic.

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