Six Of The Best - Pioneer DJ Controllers / Systems 2021

In a year that has been dominated by streams and DJ Controllers / Systems due to worldwide lockdowns. Synthetic Pro Audio & DJ takes a look at the best 6 DJ Controllers / Systems Pioneer DJ has to offer in 2021.

DDJ 400

This is the entry level DJ Controller that just had to make the list, not only because its the best value out there, but also because it hit record sales in the lockdown with a whole bunch of people looking to pass the time whilst been locked in the house. The 2 channel controller inherits the exact layout of the club standard NEXUS set up giving you the confidence to learn in your own time knowing that when its time to upgrade, or play in a bar or club, your muscle memory will be ready to take on the big boys.

DDJ 800

The DDJ 800 moved up a gear and takes a more professional approach with its balanced outputs and phono inns. It inherits the XDJ RX2 jog wheels whilst modelling most other features from the DDJ 1000. It is a Rekordbox controller and will literally plug and play out of the box giving you the full Pioneer DJ industry standard club feel at an affordable price. In this product video demonstration we welcomed Sam Shepherd from Pioneer DJ In-store.

 DDJ 1000 DDJ 1000SRT

The DDJ 1000 is personal favourite of ours and one of best sellers across the board. This controller was the first unit to give you the full Pioneer DJ Industry standard 4 Channel NEXUS feel, with full size Jog Wheels - including LCD Screens in the centre, giving you Wave Forms, Track Times, BPM, Waveform, Playback Position, Hot Cue Points and Loop Points with Pioneer DJ's flagship DJM 900 NEXUS2 Mixer sitting in the middle. The DDJ 1000 is a Rekordbox Controller but also has a Serato option in the form of the DDJ 1000SRT.


If you're looking not to use a laptop and get right down to the job, using a USB Stick, then look no further than the XDJ Range. Pioneer DJ's most affordable model in the range comes in the form of the XDJ RR. It is a slick smaller version to one of the brands leading ever sellers the XDJ RX2 that is more compact giving you less features than its bigger brother with no extra input options, meaning you wont be able to plug phono, external players or anything else for that matter. The 2 Channel System comes with a CDJ 2000 NEXUS screen that sits in the centre of the unit linking the two players up very nicely with the capability of letting you see all Wave Forms (from each player),  Track Times, BPM, waveform, playback position, Hot Cue Points and Loop points.


This DJ System bossed the digital world of DJing and was Pioneer DJs flagship unit until the arrival of the XDJ XZ. The RX2 was Pioneer DJs biggest ever selling product on its release and dominated all DJ Systems for a 2 year period after. The 2 channel system had everything you would need from a professional DJ set up, inheriting all the features from the industry standard club NEXUS booth including CDJ 2000 NEXUS2 LCD Screen, DJM 2000 NEXUS2 layout, including beat and colour FX, filters, EQ, Crossfade Curve, Booth output and quality channel sliders with line ins options for Phono and other external players. The RX2 still stands proud and is still a top seller in its range.


This powerhouse needs no introduction and is the hottest product we have ever worked with in our 4 years of opening. The XDJ XZ is victim of its own success and has seen all of its cult following having no choice but to place themselves on waiting lists worldwide. This is the closest system you will ever get to Pioneer DJs Industry standard club set up, and for a 3rd of the price,. The XDJ XZ inherits all the features including full size jogs, 4 channel NEXUS 900 Mixer with Pro DJ Link, CDJ 2000NEXUS2 LCD Screen, with the added extra of 8 Hotcue buttons. The unit is compatible with Rekordbox and Serato but can also run 2 channels on USB stick with added input options for external players and turntables accompanying the most powerful sound card even seen in a DJ Controller or DJ System. We welcomed Nottinghams number 1 turntablist DJ Fever to the store to show the units versatility and power.

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