THE ECHO BLOG - An Introduction !
Synthetic Pro Audio has recently entered it's third year of trading, which has seen them weather the storm of 2020, selling music equipment to amateur and professionals alike. 
With a new business year, comes new ideas, and with it a further exploration into the world of music, the sounds we hear today: the inventors and innovators; some well known and others not so, who have lived in relative obscurity. This will encompass the male and female movers and shakers, in the world of sound engineer and production. 
The many composers who have seen fit to give us beautiful film scores, enhancing our experience in the cinema. They to will be a acknowledged, alongside the mavericks, who have used basic equipment to create eerie soundscapes in the genre of science fiction and in period films; equipment that can be found in the most basic studio set up, but through manipulation can sound otherworldly or oldy worldly. 
Interviews culled from the 20th Century to the present day will also be presented in their original form, alongside original articles on the subjects previously mentioned. Sound system culture will also play a part, across the board of the musical spectrum. 
I will not be able to answer questions on the technical side of any of the equipment presented, my sole purpose is to highlight the people behind these inventions or innovations, to drive the narrative. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. 
Head Editor / Author 
Theodore St Vincent 

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