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Pioneer DJ - Professional Booth Bundle


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Looking to up your game? We have the perfect Pioneer DJ bundle for those looking to get into the professional standard. Featuring the smooth DJM-750 MK2 mixer, 2x CDJ-900NXS and a pair of HDJ X5 headphones. This is the professional DJ Booth Bundle you need!

DJM-750 MK2

A new 4-channel mixer is joining our range: the DJM-750MK2. To practise mixing at home and step into the club booth with confidence, the DJM-750MK2 makes the ideal addition to your set-up. It inherits various features and design elements from the club-standard DJM-900NXS2 and partners perfectly with XDJ-1000MK2 multi players to create a professional-style set-up that you can hone your skills on.

You can perform seamless mixes on the DJM-750MK2 thanks to the smooth curves on the EQs and channel faders. The Magvel crossfader, inherited from the DJM-900NXS2, gives a precise response and assured feel during even the most complicated scratch techniques. As well as its build quality and feel, other popular elements that come from our flagship club mixer include four Sound Color FX with parameter control and selected Beat FX with FX Frequency, all allowing you to add creative flair to your performances. Warm, high-quality audio comes thanks to the DJM-750MK2’s 64-bit digital signal processor, which uses dithering technology, plus its 32-bit A/D converter and 32-bit D/A converter.

For the flexibility to connect different types of FX units and create the sounds you want, choose from AUX or Insert send/return. You can use software that supports Inter-App Audio on iOS devices and use apps such as effectors, synthesizers and samplers, and choose to combine them with the DJM-750MK2’s internal FX. Simple connection via a USB cable ensures high-quality sound.

Licences for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs worth a combined €248 are bundled with the DJM-750MK2, so you can control digital tracks stored on your computer via multiplayers, or via turntables when you use the dedicated control vinyl (available separately). The built-in sound card means you can connect the mixer to your PC/Mac with a single USB cable.

    2X CDJ-900NXS

    The CDJ-900NXS grows from the success of the CDJ-900. But its jam packed with new technology including a full color LCD screen, 4-deck beat Sync and the ability to play sets from your phone. The 900NXS is delivered with a high res screen giving DJs an instant view of the Wave to see where your tracks are at. If you are still learning or a little lazy the beat grids are linked to Rekordbox to make things easier.

    The new 900NXS comes with RekordboxTM management software for PC/Mac. Giving DJs time to prepare amazing sets and playlists on any device then quickly drop them in to the CDJ and boom you are away. If you are a vet and the sound of preplanning a set annoys you then things like the Beat Divide and Slip Loop are two new functions that make it easier to drastically alter the rhythm of your tracks on the fly.

    All in all the CDJ 900NXS is what you expect and so much more from Pioneers follow up to the CDJ 900. Probably the best bang for your buck out of the CDJ range.


    Pioner DJHDJ X5 Headphones

    The Pioneer HDJ X5 headphones will bring the sound back to DJ'n. Hear your tracks loud and clear in the booth and on the move with the HDJ-X5. By taking on board feedback from DJs and analysing many different styles of monitoring, Pioneer deliver some of their best entry level headphones yet.

    Thanks to the high-quality audio design inherited from our previous professional DJ headphones, you can enjoy distortion-free monitoring, even at high volumes, wherever you go.

    The HDJ-X headphones are designed to be flexible. Their swivel mechanism allows you to wear them comfortably, whichever way you prefer, for long periods of time. No need to worry about bumps and knocks during transport as these DJ headphones can handle severe conditions and heavy use. They even cleared the US Military Standard Shock test.

    Key Features

    DJM-750 MK2

    Professional layout

    Mixing on the DJM-750MK2 feels instinctive thanks to the layout design, which inherits traits from the DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer. You can practise at home, then feel comfortable and ready to perform when you arrive at the club.

    Smooth EQs, channel faders and Magvel crossfader

    The EQs and channel faders on the DJM-750MK2 feature curves equivalent to those on the DJM-900NXS2, allowing you to perform precise, seamless mixes. You can eliminate each of the high, mid and low EQ bands when you turn their knobs all the way to the left thanks to the isolator feature, and the channel fader curves give accuracy over long mixes. The Magvel crossfader – also inherited from the DJM-900NXS2 – is smooth, accurate and durable for more than 10 million movements and its cut lag has been improved for more assured and responsive performance compared to that of the mixer’s predecessor. If you own a DJM-TOUR1, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-450 or DJM-250MK2, you can update your mixer’s firmware to shorten the crossfader cut lag. The update will be available from our support page soon.

    Professional FX with detailed control

    Add texture and flair to your mixes with professional FX inherited from the DJM-900NXS2.

    Sound Color FX: Simply turn the knob to apply Dub Echo, Sweep, Noise and Filter. Parameter control lets you get even more creative.

    • Beat FX: Add Delay, Echo, Ping Pong, Spiral, Reverb, Trans, Flanger, Pitch, Roll, Vinyl Brake and Helix in sync with the BPM.
    • FX Frequency: Choose which EQ bands you want to apply FX to – low/mid/high.
    • Independent send/return: Insert send/return replaces the original sound with the effected sound from the external hardware. Aux send/return gives you the option to route the effected sound to a separate channel and mix it with the original sound. Connect an iOS device and use apps such as effectors, synthesizers and samplers in combination with the DJM-750MK2’s internal FX. Connection via a single USB cable ensures high-quality audio.

    Professional sound quality

      Whether you’re playing with digital or analogue sound sources, high-quality sound is created by the 64-bit digital signal processor, dithering technology, 32-bit A/D converter and 32-bit D/A converter. 

      Bundled licences for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs

        The DJM-750MK2 comes with free licence keys for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj and the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack, so you can play digital tracks from your PC/Mac using multiplayers or via turntables and the dedicated control vinyl (available separately). The mixer’s built-in sound card means you can connect to your computer using a single USB cable.

        How to use rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs

        Buy the RB-VS1-K Control Vinyl from a Pioneer DJ authorised dealer or directly from our website (limited countries only). Visit to download the latest version of rekordbox for free and enter your licence keys for rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs. Find out more.

        Other features

          • XLR terminal: High-quality audio output
          • Two headphone outputs: ¼”  stereo jack and 3.5-mm mini jack
          • Signal GND terminal: Easily attach ground wires from analogue turntables
          • Gold-plated RCAs: Premium sound quality on all connections
          • Independent Mic section



            The large, full-color LCD display shows all the info you need. Deeper waveform analysis with Wave Zoom, beat countdown, phase meter, track key indicator and more.

          • BE PREPARED

            Fully compatible with our free rekordbox™ music management software to help you manage your music, prepare tracks and deliver a smooth performance. Download now

          • WI-FI MUSIC

            Wirelessly connect* to rekordbox to play your music from your PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet.
            * You'll need a wired connection to a wireless LAN router (router not included).


            With Pro DJ Link you can connect multiple players, turntables or laptops via LAN connection and share a single source. Combine this with rekordbox to access pre-prepared loops and cues, sync the beat with the master deck, and access a host of advanced pro-DJ features.

          • SLIP MODE

            Keep tracks playing muted during live edits such as loop, scratch or reverse. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place.

          • BEAT PERFECT

            Quantize snaps cues and loops to the rekordbox beat grid for a reliable performance every time.

          • SLICE IT, DICE IT

            Slice up the beat and roll it around in a loop with the Beat Divide buttons. Or combine them with Slip Mode to activate Slip Loop, so the track instantly comes back in at the right place when you release the button.


            DJM-750 MK2

            Number of channels - 4 x audio channels, 1 x MIC channel
            Input ports

            • LINE x 4 (RCA)
            • PHONO x 4 (RCA)
            • MIC × 1 (XLR & 1/4” TRS Jack

            Output ports

            • MASTER OUT x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1),
            • BOOTH OUT x 1 (1/4” TRS jack),

            USB ports - USB (B) x 1, USB (A) x 1
            Other ports

            • SEND x 1 (1/4” TS JACK),
            • RETURN x 1 (1/4” TS JACK)

            Sampling rate - 48 kHz

            D/A converter - 32-bit

            A/D converter - 32-bit

            Frequency response - 20 Hz to 20 kHz (LINE)

            S/N ratio - 105 dB (LINE)

            Total harmonic distortion - 0.005 % (LINE-MASTER1)

            Maximum dimensions (W x D x H) =320x387.9x107.9mm 

            Weight - 6.6 kg


            • Power cord
            • USB cable
            • Operating instructions (Quick Start Guide)
            • Licence key card (rekordbox dj, rekordbox dvs)


            Width - 320 mm

            Height - 105.5 mm

            Depth - 401.8 mm

            Weight - 4.3 kg

            Processor - Wolfson DAC processor

            Soundcard - 24 bit/48 kHz

            Frequency Range - 4 - 20000 Hz

            Signal-to-Noise Ratio - > 115 dB (JEITA)

            Distortion - < 0.003 % (JEITA)

            Audio Output Level - 2.0 Vrms (1 kHz, 0 dB)

            Power Consumption - 33 W