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Steinberg - Groove Agent 4


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Steinberg's Groove Agent 4 could be the best drum creation software for Mac and Windows ever created. This drum workstation builds grooves in your DAW with 100% sampled acoustic drums and electronic kits,delivering a library of 22,000 samples and 3,800 patterns to choose from. You can go as far as samplin your own kits. You could be a weekend drummer looking to clean up a recording or a bedroom producer looking to release a complete band sound. It really doesn't matter what your flavour the Groove Agent delivers.

Including smart features like Style Player, the handy Jam mode, with a fully integrated mixing board to bring the right elements out at the right times. Did we mention its completely compatible with Cubase? It really needs to be seen and heard to understand its full potential. Get your groove on today.


1 year warranty