DJ Equipment Trade Ins | Synthetic Pro Audio

Looking to part-exchange your DJ equipment for new kit from our store?

Upgrade your setup with ease - no auctions or seller fees and no hassles creating listings on selling websites. No more people trying to knock you down on price. Synthetic Pro Audio offer part-exchanging that is safer, more secure and more convenient than your kit sitting on an auction site for a month!

We are DJ & Studio professionals and can solve all your questions and queries on new and used gear in no time. If you are local you can pop in, or even if you're not we can arrange for a courier to pick up your items.

Unsure what you'll get? Reach out and let us know what you have.
Fill out the form below or call us for an instant quote on your DJ equipment on 0115 847 1407, or email us with the details at and we'll discount this amount from the purchase of your new equipment.