In Tune With Your Groove!!!


DJ Lessons:  
Learn beat matching, mixing, scratching, using effects and set building using the latest industry standard equipment! Learn how to DJ on the latest industry standard products from Pioneer DJ’s Nexus range, Deno DJ’s new SC5000, Native instruments Traktor and Maschine or Ableton’s Live and Push software and controller. Synthetic Pro Audio provides DJ lessons for students that want to learn their skills from industry professionals on both analogue and digital platforms. We provide sessions for all levels from beginner to advanced and you will have access to the latest equipment to learn your skills in sessions completely set up for your needs. 
 Learn: Mixing – Scratching – Effects – Analogue and Digital.
Music Tech Lessons:  

 Looking to produce professional sounding tracks like your favourite artist or producer?

Learn how to produce music using Digital Audio Workstations used by professional producers in the industry. Record and create projects using Ableton Live and its range of controllers, Steinberg’s Cubase or craft your tracks using Native instruments Maschine

Synthetic Pro Audio also provides Music Production lessons using a variety of software and hardware. Learn how to create tracks from the raw basics of writing and recording loops, arranging ideas into full songs right through to mixing and mastering your productions ready to play at your next gig or to send out to labels. Your sessions will be tailored to your preference whether you want to write and create using software sequencers or use the latest controllers such as Maschine to build your tracks

About the Tutor:  

Chris Goss has been a Music Technology tutor in the local area for over 15 years, specialising in teaching Audio and MIDI production techniques using music software packages such as Cubase, Logic, Reason and Ableton Live, and tuition of DJ skills using both analogue and digital platforms. He began his career in music during a time when Nottingham was at the forefront of the British club scene, starting out as a DJ and promoting parties across the city and the surrounding areas. Gaining a name for himself overseas, he travelled around the world playing at various venues and promoting club nights and events before moving back to the UK whilst continuing to DJ, focus on music production and to move into education to pass on his knowledge and skills at the Confetti Institute of Creative Technologies. Chris is now teaching classes at academies across the city, providing workshops and mainly focusing on private tuition.