Denon DJ SC6000 Prime

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Denon DJ SC6000 Prime

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Serato DJ Pro Compatible Media Player

The SC6000 Prime is Denon DJ's latest and greatest digital media player, which offers a beautiful 10.1-inch touchscreen with WIFI streaming capability so that you can perform your best without limitations during the performance. With its robust 8.5-inch jog wheel, there are no more boundaries to what you can do when it comes to playing music live on stage or anywhere else for people of all ages!

Alongside their new system engine, Serato DJ Pro also released a version 2.4.6 with performance control for the Denon DJ SC6000 Prime and SC6000M PRIME controllers giving DJs access to 10" screens of color moving waveforms alongside key track data that makes playing music more fun and informative than ever before! With extended library view capabilities, these options help make selecting songs from your playlist or exploring other tracks in your library an easier process as well!

The Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME has a gorgeous, high definition touchscreen that is the largest and most advanced multi-touch DJ platform. Navigate through extensive music libraries to find what you need easily with crate management on this device. Manipulate large waveforms as well as scrubbing quickly through overviews while visualizing essential DJ workflow info like EQ levels, volume meters, or track information for your setlist.

Complete Control

The Denon DJ SC6000 Prime Player is an ultra-advanced DJ player that includes a wide selection of tools, creative possibilities, and features to create and control the best mix possible. The advanced time stretch algorithm allows you to select music from different tempos and cross BPM seamlessly with little effort; however it does not sacrifice quality for creativity as this software also has powerful key shift capabilities so DJs can take advantage of harmonic mixing without compromising sound quality or performance. This revolutionary tool even integrates smoothly with Serato's Pro Software which means all your favorite filters, FXs & other effects are at your fingertips through touchscreen commands - without worrying about trying to find them on a cramped interface!

Pro Audio When It Counts

Say goodbye to scratchy, hissy audio. The Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME gives you studio-quality sound specs at your fingertips with 24-bit quality and 96kHz sampling rate capabilities that will wow any audiophile or music lover alike - no other speaker system can match it! Stream DJ performances from TIDAL through the built in WIFI and ethernet internet connection for a live audience performance like never before, as well as using popular streaming services such as Beatport, Soundcloud or Beatsource to provide even more tunes on demand.

The Future Of Customization

The Denon DJ SC6000 Prime has a large 8.5" platter that moves freely for improved user response and can be customized with your own colors or DJ logo to promote the brand when performing in nightclubs or on live streams, so there's never any confusion about which is yours! You'll also love how this player comes equipped with dual-layer playback, meaning you have two channels from one device - creating 4 channel mixes within seconds of only having 2 players.

Denon DJ SC6000 Prime Performance Pads

You'll never miss a beat with Denon DJ SC6000 PRIME, which features rubber button tactile-feel trigger pads for liberated performance and mix capability. The sleek design illumination makes this DJ controller perfect for the club environment. You can chop up your favorite songs like they're hot potatoes using standalone Hot Cue, Loop Roll & Slicer controls to take your mixes to an entirely new dimension!

Media Playing Giant

The Denon DJ SC6000 Prime is the perfect solution for those with extensive music collections and even larger libraries. The built-in 2.5 inch hard drive bay enables DJs to access all of their digital media in one place, eliminating any need to move around a variety of storage devices during your show or performance!

The Denon DJ SC6000 Prime has been designed specifically as an answer for entertainment professionals who require seamless transitions between different tracks without missing beats along the way - it's ideal if you're looking for convenience at every step of production. With 3 x USB inputs alongside 1 SD card input providing ample space, there are plenty more options available should you not have enough room on your main device.

Our Thoughts On The Denon DJ SC6000 Prime

We knew that Denon DJ meant business with the SC6000 Prime well before it hit our store. The first thing anyone takes away from this professional dj media player is the 10.1 inch touchscreen and it simply took our breath away. The feel of the 8.5 inch jog wheel is what you come to expect from a standalone professional dj media player. But the Denon DJ SC6000 Prime shines in its build quality yes the engine OS is amazing as is the built-in internal HDD but Denon DJ took the build past what we were expecting. The responsive rubber button performance pads and buttons across the entire media player make the Denon DJ Sc6000 Prime feel like it can take a beating in any environment.

If you are looking for a standalone professional dj media player the SC6000 Prime is definitely worth considering. Its durable packed with the best specs of any media player on the market. Come take this one for a test drive in store!

Key Features

  • Flagship standalone professional DJ media player powered by ENGINE OS
  • HD 10.1-inch touchscreen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity for music streaming
  • Responsive rubber button performance pads with sophisticated design illumination
  • Built-in internal HDD drive bay to store music onboard
  • 8.5-inch jog wheel with large surface area for platter manipulation
  • Locking IEC connector for secured power cable
  • Standalone Track Preview
  • Serato DJ Pro controller mode (future update)
  • Best-in-class time-stretch and musical key change/sync algorithms
  • Internal, on-board analysis of music files (including Rekordbox™ collections)
  • Dual-layer playback with independent analogue/digital outs
  • StagelinQ connection for Event/Pro DJ lighting and video control
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • Works with Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Software
  • BPM Detection Algorithm
  • New Streaming Service capability
  • Quick Source Menu



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