KRK RP8 G3 - Single Monitor

by KRK
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While KRK Systems is a stand out manufacturer of studio reference monitors. It's the engineers that have blessed the ROKIT range with such a broad spectral range. We know that the RP series has been a professional`s choice for recording engineers and artists on 1000's of hit records around the globe, and for good reason. The 3RD Generation of ROKIT monitors continue this legacy, regardless of musical style.

KRK's ROKIT 8 G3 (Generation 3) powered studio monitors deliver accuracy for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. Throwing out high frequencies up to 35kHz, vocal clarity and extended bass response. The exclusive bi-amped, class A/B speaker awards SPL up to 109dB. The ROKIT waveguide is intended to guarantee point by point imaging in the listening position. The forward facing bass port lessens limit coupling to permit perfect positioning in the room while the engineered surface reduces diffraction distortion.

If you are looking for something to fill a large Recording room and high SPL Monitor needs, then you can't look past the KRK ROKIT 8 G3 that delivers detail and performance thru its large headroom.

Key Features
  • Bi-amped, class A/B amplifier offering large headroom and low distortion
  • Proprietary waveguide optimized for superior imaging
  • 1” Soft-dome tweeter provides pristine clarity and extended response up to 35kHz
  • High-frequency adjustment tailors the system to personal taste
  • Lightweight, glass-Aramid composite woofer delivers clear midrange and tight bass
  • Low-frequency adjustment tailors the monitors to taste and adjusts for room acoustics
  • Front Firing Port — Low-frequency extension while reducing boundary coupling
  • Radiused edges reduce distortion from diffraction
  • Low-resonance enclosure for minimized distortion and colorization
  • Multiple audio input connectors (XLR, ¼”, RCA) for universal connectivity in any studio environment
  • Factory installed foam pad provides isolation between the speaker and surface
  • Peak SPL : 109dB
  • Frequency Response 35Hz - 35kHz (+/- 2 dB)
  • Configuration:2-Way
  • System type:Active Studio Monitor
  • Low-Frequency:8" Aramid Glass Composite woofer
  • Mid-Frequency:N/A
  • High-Frequency:1" soft dome tweeter
  • Frequency Response:35Hz - 35kHz
  • Max Peak SPL:109 dB
  • Amplifier Class:Class A-B
  • Power Output:100W
  • High Frequency:25W
  • Mid-Frequency:N/A
  • Low Frequency:75W
  • Input Impedance (Ohms):10 K Ohm balanced
  • HF Level Adjust:-2dB, -1dB, 0, +1dB
  • System Volume:(-30dB - +6dB)
  • Indicators:Power
  • Input Connectors:
  • Unbalanced RCA
  • Balanced 1/4" TRS
  • Balanced XLR
  • Enclosure Construction:MDF
  • Finish:Black vinyl wrap
  • Port Configuration:Front firing slot port
  • Dimensions (D x W x H):11.73" (298mm) x 10.83" (275mm) x 15.50" (394mm)
  • Weight:26.5 lbs (12.00 kg.)

*Ratings based on continuous power specifications


1 year warranty