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Novation FLkey Mini

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Enter Novations little brother to the FLKey37. Yes just when you thought it couldnt get an easier to take on the road, Novation drop the FLKey Mini. Offering most of what the big brother has to offer in a smaller 25 key variant, this really does make those trips to a friends studio so much easier. 

We will recap some of the stand out features from the 37 key bigger model you can find our full break down of the FLKey37 right here.

OKay... If you're an FL Studio user and you travel or like live performances to be quick and simple with no back breaking effort then the FLKey Mini makes life so, so much easier. Complete integration with FL Studio with 25 velocity sensitive keys, 16 RGB backlit pads all the volume and pan control knobs you could need. 

Let's be real for a second. Most 25 key midi controllers lack the feel of their bigger more expensive counter parts and we get it they want to save on cost for both the consumer and the manufacturer. But the FLKey Mini brings both the feel and toughness its bigger sibbling does. While all the features aren't there if you are looking to get from A to B and make beats on the way then this little power house will make FL Studio a travelling studio on the go for you.

You miss out on all the chord modes (Fixed Chord Mode, User Chord Mode and Scale Chord Mode) but to be honest I'm not sure who would use it when travelling anyway. Most of us will be looking to put down beats, basslines or the odd synth riff over our work when travelling so I don't see it as if we're missing anything. 

This is designed for artists looking to have the feel they need on the road or in a hotel room prepping for a live performance with ease and as mentioned before no heavy gear. Pick up the FLKey Mini have some change left over for a Launchpad and boom you have a travelling live performance in a backpack.

Great piece of kit for those FL Studio users looking to make music on a move.

Key Features 

Seamless Integration with FL Studio

Produce music easily with essential controls at your fingertips.

Volume and pan control

Adjust volume and pan with eight pots.

Step sequencer

Take control of FL Studio’s step sequencer and programme drums easily.

Channel Rack playability

Play directly into the Channel Rack from FLkey’s pads.

Scale mode

Choose your scale and always hit the right note.

Instrument control

Trigger FPC, SliceX and Fruity Slicer with the pads for more expressive beats and melodies.

Plug-in control

Control Image Line plug-ins and record natural-sounding automation with FLkey's eight pots.

Preset browsing

Browse presets in Image Line plug-ins directly from FLkey.

Fixed Chord mode

Play custom chords with one finger (FLkey 37 only).

User Chord mode

Assign 16 custom chords and play them with just one finger. Store chord progressions for rapid song building and performance (FLkey 37 only).

Scale Chord mode

Play 32 pre-made chords in eight different scales straight from the pads (FLkey 37 only).

Custom modes

Assign custom controls to the pads and pots to tailor your music production workflow.



  • USB bus powered
  • Power supply not included


  • Windows - 11, 10, 8.1
  • MacOS - 12, 11, 10.15


  • FLkey Mini Dimensions: 172mm H, 330mm W, 41mm D
  • 25 velocity sensitive keys
  • Pitch bend and modulation touch strips
  • 8 pots
  • 16 RGB Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Pads
  • Octave up/down buttons 
  • Channel Rack up/down buttons
  • Play/pause button
  • Record button
  • Scale button
  • Note Repeat button
  • Fixed chord button
  • Shift button
  • 3.5 mm jack socket for MIDI Out
  • Sustain pedal 1/4” jack input
  • USB B Socket
  • Kensington security slot




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