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Novation Launch Control XL


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So you are in search for a digital mixer to have complete control over your DAW. Novation Launch Control XL is the device that you need for the job. The Launch Control XL really is the ultimate controller for Ableton Live. Like the rest of the Launch range It prides itself on letting you focus on your music and less on DAW. It's 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders, all of which are easy to map and communicate directly with Live. Pair it up with Launchpad's intuitive 64-button grid, Launch Control XL provides extraordinary simultaneous control over Ableton Live's session view, mixer, effects and instruments.

Trigger and assign buttons, knobs and faders to any parameters within Ableton Live to make you own layouts. Everything from your own key mapping to colours. Experience freedom when playing live, by combining with a Launchpad S to control Ableton Live’s session view. Launching clips , Loops, Drum Racks and Fx all at your finger tips.

The Novation Launch Control XL goes one step further than being a do-it all mixer / controller for Ableton, you can literally pack up your rig and head to another studio or live performance in minutes. The light weight and robust build on the XL give you piece of mind that you have a quality piece of kit.

Key Features

Control Ableton Live
All of Launch Control’s controls integrate immediately with Ableton Live and other major music software.

Get Hands-On with Your Mixer
Tweak your sound using 16 chunky, full-sized knobs with multi-coloured LED indicator collars.

Combine with Launchpad
Partner Launch Control with Novation Launchpad and trigger clips, play Drum Racks, and control your mixer, effects and instruments at the same time.

Create Your Own Layouts
Step through up to 16 banks and freely assign up to 448 controls to anything you like. 

Take It Anywhere
Small enough to fit easily in your laptop bag, and tough enough to handle life on the road.

Plug Straight In
Plug directly into your Mac, PC or iPad via USB without a power supply or driver in sight.

Eight Versatile Pads
Trigger clips, play instruments, switch track focus and tweak key mixer controls with Launch Control Mk2’s eight big, multi-coloured pads.

Get Started Immediately
Includes Ableton Live Lite and 4GB Loopmasters samples, giving you everything you need to make music right out of the box.

Play with Your iPad
Control MIDI-compatible iOS software via a Camera Connection Kit (not included).

Launch Control What’s In The Box

  • Launch Control 
  • Orange USB Cable
  • Getting Started Guide

Launch Control XL is class compliant, so will work with any modern Mac or PC (Windows and Linux). See the Novation website for details.

Launch Control XL Included Software

  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Launch Control XL MIDI Editor
  • Over 4GB of Loopmasters samples

1 year warranty