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Pioneer DDJ-1000

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Pioneer DJ's Performance DJ Controller

The Pioneer DJ DDJ 1000 is a 4-channel DJ controller for Rekordbox. Featuring the professional layout of NXS2 models with portability to go anywhere. The DDJ-1000 features all-new hi-def LCD screens on each jog wheel, making it easier to keep in the mix. Gone are the days of spending 10 minutes looking at the laptop. Pioneers new DDJ 1000 is the Rekordbox dedicated 4-channel DJ controller. Featuring the professional layout of NXS2 models with portability to go anywhere. The DDJ-1000 features all-new hi-def LCD screens on each jog wheel, making it easier to keep in the mix. Gone are the days of spending 10 minutes looking at the laptop.

Rekordbox makes it even easier to mix tracks you didn't think would blend. Offering you tracks that work time after time. Bring creative flair to performances with 14 Beat FX - including four new versions - and instantly trigger Hot Cues, Loops and more with the 16 multi-coloured Performance Pads.


Our Thoughts

The DDJ 1000 Rekordbox controller from Pioneer DJ is a killer of a controller. The first thing we noticed about the controller is the full-size jog wheels which are exactly the same as the CDJ 3000 and 900 nexus with a lovely display in the middle which is actually better because it has more information on it, with the cue points bpm track waveform everything is on there which is a really good touch.There is beat sync if you're that way inclined and as you look up the controller there is jog adjust in the same place as the Nexus. There is also a button which is a jog for track select which means you don't really have to touch the laptop at all. Which makes live performances that much more engaging for the crowd.

The DDJ 1000 also has a lovely nice long pitch shifter just like on the CDJ 3000. If you like to get active in your DJ sets there are hot cue buttons as well as pad effects with beat jump sampler and egg pads to play with all of which is in the style of the Nexus and the CDJs. The 1000 offers 4 channel and 4 deck play style options with the nexus style mixer boasting a multitude of effects. Starting with the beat effects you've got the on and off, you've got the level and depth and you can set it to the mic channel, channel one two three four and of course the master out so you can just add FX to the whole controller individually or as needed.

Add to the FX you have the colour fx, for high pass and low pass filter, noise echo and pitch. As always you have three band EQ and then you will notice you have got USB inputs. Two to be exact USB A & B this is for multiple laptops you've got two inputs of USB so you can play back-to-back with somebody and run two separate laptops on the one controller. You have also got the option of additional phono inputs for turntables or more CDJs and the mixer will act as a standalone unit for you even using the effects for the turntables. Having pushed the DDJ 1000 to its limits we can say that this controller literally covers all bases for those looking to progress on their DJ journey and break boundaries for those seasoned veterans.

Pioneer DDJ 1000's Improved Magvel Fader

So how did Pioneer DJ deliver an improved magvel fader that changed the way this dj controller is viewed? Firstly we have to remember that the DDJ 1000 is a portable dj controller built around rekordbox dj. We never thought it would be possible to have a dj controller (that's portable) that could be a scratch dj's best friend. As always Pioneer DJ makes the impossible possible. So lets talk about this magvel fader.. It's a magnetic crossfader that delivers unbelievably great response. It's like a hot knife through butter, it really is that great. What's more Pioneer DJ claim that it's usable for over 10 million movements. Bold claim - not that anyone is counting...


DDJ 1000 Jog Wheels

The DDJ 1000 is equipped with full-size jog wheels that are not just for show. These tactile, touchless controls allow you to feel the groove through an adjustable knob and provide a uniquely satisfying experience similar to the  CDJ-2000nexus, CDJ-900nexus and of course Pioneer DJ's latest CDJ 3000.

As we've mentioned above the center of these jog wheels is where the DDJ 1000 comes alive, instead of your normal CDJ-style display, you've got a pair of HD LCD screens delivering all the information you need to see about the tracks you're currently playing. Giving you more time to focus on the task at hand whether its track time, BPM, waveform, Hot Cue and Loop points. So that's a big tick of approval for both the jog wheels.


Pioneer DDJ 1000 Performance Pads

This beast of a rekordbox dj controller also boasts 16 multi-coloured performance pads that take the authentic NXS2 experience to the next level, as these are taken straight from their existing DDJ controller range and allow you to step up your mixes with creative flair. The Hot Cues, Pad FX and Keyboard Mode will help you create a track by playing around in different semitones - it's like having an extra set of hands! If you have owned a dj controller in the past or used the FX from the djm range you will be accustomed to the hot cues pad FX and popular beat FX. But its the feel when using the performance pads that really takes the Pioneer DDJ 1000 to new heights.

Rekordbox dj Software Update

The Rekordbox DJ software gets a major update - built around improving compatibility with the DDJ-1000, but also with enhancements to the Related Tracks feature - which looks at the track you're playing and suggests a few tracks from your library which might work well to play next. A huge step up for a portable dj controller without a doubt. The Pioneer DDJ 1000 also needed more from the Rekordbox dj software for scratch performances have been significantly improved to reduce latency on jog wheel and crossfader movements.


Pioneer DDJ 1000 Conclusion

If you are looking for a Rekordbox Dj controller with a club style layout that overs 14 beat fx from the DJM range, related tracks feature, 16 performance pads, hot cue, keyboard mode with amazing jog display screens. Then there really is no looking past the DDJ 1000 the step up in jog display alone is worth the upgrade. One can argue that the Pioneer DDJ 1000 should be the club standard but yet its better than that still. We now live in an era where a portable DJ controller is better than the club standard from five years ago. There's no doubt that the Pioneer DDJ 1000 will be succeed but what a benchmark.


Product Features

Polished Yet Portable
Full-sized jogs
Well connected
Rekordbox dvs

AC adapter
Power Cord
USB cable
Quick Start Guide
rekordbox dj licence key card
2 MIC (XLR & 1/4 inch TRS Jack, 1/4 inch TRS Jack)
2 USB B ports
1 BOOTH (1/4 inch TRS Jack)
2 PHONES (1/4-inch stereo jack, 3.5-mm stereo mini-jack)

1 year

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