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Pioneer DJ DJM S7 2-channel scratch-style DJ mixer


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2 Channel Scratch DJ Mixer 

Technology just keeps getting better..... Pioneer DJ's DJM S7 2 channel scratch mixer. It's taking what you thought was possible and smashing it to pieces. Bring some of the DJM-S11 features the S7 is perfect parked between two PLX-1000's.

Already got a vinyl rig?
Need a high-quality mixer as the centerpiece?

The Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 2-channel Mixer is guaranteed to take your scratch performances and live shows into other realms. Let's be real for a second this mixer can operate as an every day mixer in a nightclub / big event setup, built tough it can handle the heaviest of hands. But it's precision is what will make you want to use it every chance you get.  At home, at parties the lot.

The DJM-S7's Magvel Fader Pro feels like a dream, leading to better scratching, more confidence, and a smoother performance. For even greater versatility, this impressive mixer boasts onboard Bluetooth, perfect for connecting phones and other compatible devices.

With two USB audio interfaces, fully compatible with Serato DJ Pro and a must-have when dealing with quick transitions. As usual Pioneer DJ pack in eight performance pads on each channel for control over quick triggers, with large effects levers accessing a slew of built-in Beat FX. Plus, onboard Bluetooth capabilities let you connect the DJM-S7 to any compatible device, perfect for handling audience requests and dropping sounds and loops directly into your mix.

DJM-S7 Stand Out Features:

  • A powerful club-ready DJ mixer for use with vinyl and Serato DJ Pro systems
  • Dual USB audio interfaces make battle setups and changeovers easy
  • Adjustable Magvel Fader Pro crossfader lets you dial in the curve and resistance you like
  • 16 RGB-backlit performance pads let you trigger hot cues, loops, rolls, and more
  • Bluetooth functionality pairs with phones for audience requests, sound triggering, and more