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The new ROLI Loop Block is another part to the ever growing ROLI BLOCKS system, the Loop Block makes it easier to record a song with BLOCKS. In essence it's controls help you set a tempo, record loops and play them back even quantize your recorded loops to keep the groove locked. The Block puts the shortcuts of the most popular functions of your music production is easy to find navigational places as you build with your Block system.

The Block system really does create a new way to make music on the fly in any place you can imagine. Now with the Loop Block, Live Block, and Lightpad Block it really does give you even more freedom to make some NOISE (pun intended), NOISE being the free iOS app that doubles as a high-powered soft synth. NOISE connects to Live Block wirelessly via MIDI over Bluetooth.

If you are looking for a unique way to create music and love the option to add to your production equipement on the fly then the Block system really is the place to start.

Key Features
  • Physically connect to ROLI’s Lightpad Block and Live Block through magnetised BLOCKS DNA connectors
  • Wirelessly connect to ROLI’s Lightpad Block and Live Block via Bluetooth
  • Works with ROLI’s free NOISE app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Record a sequence using the Record button and play back your sequence using the Play button
  • Undo any mistakes in a recorded sequence by pressing the Undo button
  • Press the Snap button to choose from 15 modes of quantisation including 1/4 beats, 1/8 beats and 1/16 beats
  • Set your tempo on a virtual metronome by pressing the Click button
  • Handheld design measuring 4.8 by 9.5 centimetres fits neatly in a pocket
  • Charges through connection to other Blocks
Other Features Bluetooth, Charging
Connections USB
Bluetooth Compatibility Bluetooth 4.0
Power Source Battery Power
Height 2.2 cm/0.87 in.
Length 9.54 cm/3.76 in.
Width 4.74 cm/1.9 in.
Weight 106.73 g

1 year warranty