Sequenz Korg Volca Rack - Volca FM / Volca Bass / Volca Sample / Volca Mix includes power supply




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Sequenz Korg Volca Rack - Volca FM / Volca Bass / Volca Sample / Volca Mix includes power supply

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Sequenz Korg Volca Rack (With 4 Korg Volcas)

Volca FM / Volca Bass / Volca Sample / Volca Mix

Volca Sample

The Korg Volca Sample gives you the freedom of an old-school sample sequencer in a format that's suits today's modern electronic musician. Are you looking to build on your groove production without using your DAW? Then the Volca Sample is it. Pre-loaded with 100 killer samples you can redesign, sequence, and automate all on the fly.

Builtin functions such as reverse, swing, and reverb make things interesting. While a custom iOS app lets you capture and upload your own samples. It's Korg's sync I/O that let's mould the Volca Sample with your other Volca and Electribe gear. Making this a expandable bunch of gear to really expand on your hands on productions.

Volca FM

The Korg Volca FM synthesizer module resembles a compact variant of the amazing DX7 FM synth. While the sound motor is exactly what you thought you would get from a great FM synth. From its clanking metallic tones, ripping leads, deep subsonic basses. The 16-stage sequencer with Movement Arrangement enables you to record knob variations and in addition note information for more sonic activity. Twist your patterns with Warp Active Step, Pattern Chain, or with the Arpeggiator. Whether you perform live or produce electronic music in your studio, there's a lot of sonic potential in the Korg Volca FM.

Volca Bass

Take a gander at the Korg Volca Bass simple synthesizer like it's an ultra-reasonable 303 bassline synth. Only one exception that in reality entirely simple to program! Regardless of whether you're creating EDM, hip-hop, or any sort of electronic music. The fat sound of a genuinely simple bass can't be denied. The Volca Bass gives you three oscillators to make colossal bass sounds, and a 16-stage sequencer to make your notches. Best of all you have MIDI and Match up I/O, making it simple to coordinate the Korg Volca Bass with whatever remains in your setup. Powerful analog bass synthesizer with an Electribe-inspired sequencer for the ultimate bass lines. 3 OSCs, built-in speaker. 

Volca Mix

The Volca mix can power up to three Volcas, offering an external effects send, and a list of impressive performance features. Each of the three channels (two mono and one stereo) offer a low-/high-cut filter, send control, a mute button, and a channel fader. And with the ability to sync to your other Volca modules to control tempo, the Korg Volca Mix offers a ton of creative performance potential.

Three VOLCA DC OUT jacks are provided, and by connecting the included DC-DC cables you can supply power for up to three volca units. Even when using multiple volca units on stage, you won’t need to bother with adapters or bring another power strip; just concentrate on your performance with a streamlined setup and breakdown.


Sequenz Korg Volca Rack

Volca racks are all about “volcanomics” (volcas + ergonomics). Up to four (2 x 2 ) volcas can be arranged as desired, all securely in place thanks to durable aluminum framing and rubber legs.

Asymmetrical side panels enable you to flip the rack to be deeper or taller, and it is punctuated with wood ends for sturdiness and great looks.

Dimensions (W x D x H) imensions (W x D x H): 411 mm x 242 mm x 157 mm / 16.18" x 9.53" x 6.18" (Horizontal position), 411 mm x 171mm x 234 mm / 16.18" x 6.73" x 9.21" (Vertical position)
Weight 1.1 kg / 2.43 lbs.

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