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Synthetic DDJ 400 Mini DJ Package - Deluxe


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Pioneer DJ DDJ 400

Pioneer DJ are back with one of the best entry level controller to learn on: the DDJ-400. Made for dedicated use with Rekordbox DJ (free licence key included), the 2-channel DDJ-400 is designed to help you get the most from the new features coming to the software.

JBL 104 Series Mini Monitors 

With JBL 104 Reference Monitors, you’ll hear true clarity and detail, with no colouration. The 104s deliver crisp highs and rich bass just as intended. They’re optimized for desktop placement, with neutral low-frequency performance. And their smooth off-axis response means you can monitor with confidence in a wide sweet spot.

Pioneer DJ X5 Headphones 

The Pioneer HDJ X5 headphones will bring the sound back to DJ'n. Hear your tracks loud and clear in the booth and on the move with the HDJ-X5. By taking on board feedback from DJs and analysing many different styles of monitoring, Pioneer deliver some of their best entry level headphones yet.


1 Year