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Ableton Push 2

Ableton Push 2 makes music creation with Ableton Live more intense and instinctive than any time in recent memory, and with this Push 2 Live 9.7 Introduction package, you'll begin making music in the blink of an eye. The Push 2 controller offers you a grid of 64 speed and weight touchy pads encompassed by extra control apparatuses that let you progress easily between setting up your session, laying down grooves and assembling everything with ease. An exceedingly point by point show gives you a chance to have complete control over parameters and beat cutting. Making the sky the limit, so you never need to take a gander at your PC, which gives you an almost analog feel to production.

The Push 2 delivers a 64-pad matrix that has most controllers and midi key's beat. Controlling depth of individual notes just by applying pressure while being able to bend notes with the touch strip. The multicolor lighting even lets you keep track of key intervals and scales. Overall the stand out feature is the option to switch between performing, developing new beats, and triggering your facvorite loops so fast that the groove wont get thrown out.

Another bonus is the 2 footswitch inputs give you even more control options. The Push 2 runs on USB power with optional external power for added illumination. Again this is not a necessity but a nice option to have for stage performances where lighting can make things a little tricky to see. All the usual included - power supply, USB cable, and of course a full version of Live 9.7 Intro.

So whether you are looking at becoming the next pad mashing beat master or just want some extra control over Ableton the Push 2 takes us all in the right direction. As you would expect there is no better controller for Ableton Live.

Decksaver - Ableton Push 2

Protect your  Ableton Push 2 with the UK Designed and engineered Decksaver cover. Manufactured from super durable polycarbonate, a tough transparent plastic with hard-wearing qualities. An important add-on to keep your Ableton Push 2 safe, shields controls from dust, liquid and accidental impact during transportation.

Adam Audio T5 (Pair)

The T5V is a highly affordable two-way nearfield monitor and optimized for small control rooms.

With its 5” woofer the bass-frequency response of the T5V extends to 45 Hz. The new U-ART tweeter, a breakthrough solution for use in high-resolution recording and mixing on a budget, goes up to 25 kHz and is mated to a precision waveguide with the same dispersion-control attributes as the High Frequency Propagation (HPS) waveguide used in ADAM Audio’s flagship S Series monitors. The waveguide’s highly uniform dispersion of high frequencies provides an incredibly wide sweet spot that frees you from being glued to a rigid mix position while working.

A beveled cabinet with a rear-firing bass reflex port and a small footprint allows placement anywhere in your room, no matter how small, and contains built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalization as well as multi-way analog connections. Powered with a 50 W Class D amplifier for the woofer and a 20 W Class D amplifier for the U-ART tweeter, the T5V produces SPLs of up to 106 dB per pair.

Excellent acoustic characteristics, small dimensions and an outstanding cost/performance ratio make this studio monitor perfectly suited for use in small control rooms in music, video and broadcast production.

If you need to hear more bottom end, the T5V is compatible with the ADAM Sub7 and Sub8 subwoofers.

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